While you’re on the lookout for your next vehicle in the Auburn area, at some point you’ll likely wonder whether or not you should buy a new or used car or SUV. The fact is, both have their upsides, but used vehicles can often be a better value over time. Visit Rowe Kia to discover our diverse and high-quality used vehicles for sale and speak to our team about which used models are best for you!

Used Cars Can Be a Better Long-Term Investment

We don’t mean investment in the traditional sense, as very few vehicles actually gain in value over time, but used cars don’t have as sharp a depreciation as brand-new vehicles. That means several advantages for you over time, starting with the fact that you’ll be upside down on your loan for a shorter period of time than with a typical new car loan. Second, you’ll be able to sell or trade your used vehicle at much closer to the purchase price than if you were to have bought a new vehicle at the same time.

Lower Peripheral Costs

Buying a used vehicle will save you big on your monthly insurance premiums, often resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings per year. That’s money directly back into your pocket on top of the lower price you’re paying for having purchased a pre-owned vehicle. In addition, some New England states make used car registration less expensive by basing it on the cost of the vehicle, and you’ll surely pay less in taxes to bring your used vehicle home.

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Are you ready to see all of the advantages that a used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle has to offer? Visit our dealership where you’ll find pre-owned Kia cars and SUVs as well as used Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai vehicles among our vast inventory.

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